Blogging About Technical Communication

Ryan J Price is a blogger, and if you delve deeper and take a good look around his blog, he is a facilitator of technical communication. He has a whole archive of posts under “technical writing.” One post that I came across was a video of scientists explaining the fingerprint of stars. The video was put together with the intention of simplifying the information and presenting it to the public in an understandable and appealing way. If that’s not technical communication I don’t know what is! You can view the video below.

Also, if you are interested in reading more posts from Ryan Price, here is the link to his blog:


2 thoughts on “Blogging About Technical Communication

  1. I thought this was such a good idea by them I think because it keeps you interested and your educated. I would so watch more of these videos and I think it shows how diverse you can be in technical writing and getting your message across.

  2. This is one of my favorite posts out of our class’ posts. I love these types of videos, and I think having animation makes paying attention easier. I’m the type of person who “spaces” out, but these videos keep my attention. I guess they make somewhat complex or heavy, “boring” material more fun.

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