What the blog?

With an overwhelming majority of blogs out there it’s important to understand what people are even blogging about! With a class focused on Technical Communication this post will focus on what technical communicators are blogging about.

Through my research I discovered that most technical communicators are simply blogging about technical communication. From different aspects and rules of technical communication to how their presentation went at the technical communication conference. What I must say I’m surprised about is how many tech comm blogs there are out there. I found that even major companies like Adobe had a tech comm blog section of their site.

I came across this graphic at some point which interested me. Based on a few key factors, Mindtouch rated tech comm bloggers on how influential they were.


Scot Abel’s site was interesting as it was more of a social network place than a blog. It was a place where all technical communicators could meet and discuss important topics in the tech comm world and share recent articles or posts by others.

Be sure to check out some of the bloggers on this list for all of your technical communication needs. Hey, maybe even start up your own tech comm blog and see how influential you can get!


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  1. From the image to recent finding I was also shocked at how many technical comm blogs there are out there. I never realized how important this was until we started this class. The image that you gave I think was also interesting because it gave me more of a sense who was out there and it shows the top 25 that just shows there are way more than that out there.

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