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Prior to reading Mind Touch’s Top 25 Technical Communication Bloggers, I had already come across Tom Johnson’s blog based on his website I’d Rater Be Writing. I later found out that he’s the second highest viewed blog that has content related, even focused on technical communication. Johnson’s website has sections dedicated towards advertising, presentations, how to organize content, and a blog area about technical communication. I can see why he’s ranked second according to Mind Touch.

Other blogs I glanced over to cover various topics, they are not just solely focused on technical communication tips, facts, and what it is but they discuss changes in media channels, perspectives on the “digital revolution” and other communication areas that incorporate forms of professional technical communication.

Johnson discusses how to stay on track, how to prioritize your time to make the most out of our short days, and then has the posts about organizing content, and how to layout different document types. I highly recommend taking a look at his website/blog and take a peek at all his sections!



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  1. Yeah I noticed this also. When I was viewing posts many of them dealt with transitioning from old media techniques to new media techniques. I really enjoyed this blog, because It is hard to find actual technical writing tips.

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