The Most Influential Technical Communicator Bloggers

While looking at different technical communication blog posts and bloggers in general, I stumbled upon a blog post on On this blog, titled “The Most Influential Technical Communicator Bloggers,” it lists the top 25 technical communicator bloggers. I then read on and learned that they used three key indicators on how they chose their top 25 technical communicator bloggers. They state that:

In determining which bloggers are most influential the following criteria needed to be met:

  1. The individual needed to have a blog with regular updated posts.
  2. The blogger needed to have external activity on 3rd party sites like Twitter for additional influence points.
  3. The blogger’s focus needed to be Technical Communication subject matter

After reading this blog post, I delved deeper into a few of the bloggers websites. The range of blog post varies to many different topics. These topics vary from how to manage website content, to social media and how to communicate effectively through technology and also face-to-face.

Visit the following URL to read more about the most influential technical bloggers and for links to all of their individual blogs!


3 thoughts on “The Most Influential Technical Communicator Bloggers

  1. I found it so odd that blogs needed to meet a certain criteria to be able to be considered most influential blogs, but everything needs regulations right? At least they say the content needs to be focused on technical communication, but the bloggers are not restricted to only posting and discussing technical communication, especially when technical communication is used in almost everything we do in our careers.

  2. I agree Madison! Technical communication is such a broad subject that they could post almost anything about any career and it could be considered to have something to do with technical communication. I do agree with the one regulation of having to be regularly updated. I don’t think having a 3rd party site is necessary, but it does help push traffic to the blog.

  3. The 3 criteria make sense for a blog to be influential. The first criteria requires the blog to be updated frequently. How could a blog be influential if it was from topics 10 years ago? so that makes good sense to me. Second the blogger needs to have activity on 3rd party sights. This makes sense because most people who own a computer or smart phone have accounts on 3rd party sights like Facebook or Twitter. So this is a good way for a blogger to get their blog out and be influential. The third one speaks for itself however technical communication is a broad term and gives the bloggers a lot of topics.

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