Have you checked your Crops Lately?

In reading the blogs of technical communicators, I was very surprised to see one particular series of posts on a topic seemingly very far from technical communication. The topic was Farmville. Being that I am ashamedly a former Farmville addict, I was interested in seeing what a technical communicator would have to say about it.

The blogger, Rafia Shujaat, separates her comments on Farmville into Pros and Cons and explains her own experiences with Farmville. She praises Farmville for their strong “almost addicting” game experience, which I have also experienced firsthand, as well as their pleasing graphics, Zynga’s logging of problems and bugs, and attentiveness to the needs and wants of the players. She appreciates Farmville’s ability to allow users to be creative and she speculates that Facebook usage has gone up solely because of this game.

On the cons side of this, Rafia complains of Farmille’s server restarting and losing her game progress each time it does so. She also complains that saving your game takes too long so often she just starts over each time. She doesn’t give a personal opinion about Farmvilles options to exchange real money for virtual Farmville cash to be used for buying crops, gifts, and decorations, however she appreciates the company’s ability to persuade people into doing this.


If you’d like to read the original blog, you can find it here.


2 thoughts on “Have you checked your Crops Lately?

  1. I severely enjoy that Farmville has become this major movement that even technical writing are buzzing about it. I myself never playing can not say too much on it but from what I have heard, her pros and cons of the game seem rather spot on.

  2. This is quite fascinating! I myself was a farmtown player opposed to farmville so can understand some of her reasoning against it! It is very interesting to see technical communication laid out in a way pertaining to things we can relate to and understand. I often have a hard time relating to and understanding things on other tech comm blogs and this seems to be just the opposite.

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