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While I was research what kind of technical blogs were out there and what information they are giving to the public, there was a large amount of blogs that were more “techie”. In those certain blogs, they spoke about how to use the social media to an individual advantage. Not only did they speak about how to use the social media, but they spoke about programs that would make it easier for those who are not “techie smart”.

Blogger Janet Swisher spoke about a program that will help “non-programmers” create interactive experiences with HTML5.  The program is called “Popcorn Maker”, has only one goal, which is to help individuals make good quality websites with interactive content on the website.

To read more about the article, click on the link.HTML5 media for technical communication


2 thoughts on “HTML5 media for technical communication-Techie Tech Writer Blog

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  2. I also saw a lot of things about HTML5 when I was reading through blogs on technical communication, which was interesting to me because I thought HTML was only something you would hear about in computer science. From what i’ve read Popcorn Maker seems like a promising tool, and I would definitely support tools for non-coders to produce more attract websites. Because to be honest, nobody likes to try to search for something on an ugly website.

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