15 minutes, go!

While browsing through MindTouch’s latest layout of top 100 most influential tech comm bloggers I came across number 23, Ivan Walsh (who is only 1 above Ben Woelk!). On his site, I Heart Technical Writing, I stumbled upon a blog post that interested me very much. “Checklist: how to proofread technical documents in 15 minutes” is something I feel we can all relate to. In today’s society, no one ever really has the time to spend an hour proof-reading something, or even an hour to relax. We are always on the go, with things to do, places to be, and people to see.

In his post, he listed about 11 things that you should pay attention to in your 15 minutes time span. It included things such as tables, images, brand names and variables. Another good tip he added was that “instead of reading the document in a single review, break it into a series of smaller, more focussed reviews”. With this you come back to it later, because as we all know, if you begin reading something after a while it all just turns into mish mosh.

I hope you all take the time to look at his list of criteria and take it into consideration the next time you need to proof-read a paper or project before rushing out the door!


One thought on “15 minutes, go!

  1. This is a perfect article for all students to read, myself included. I feel as though with the increase use in social media, most users just “type and go” and that is rubbing off into more important things, like school. Less and less time is being taken to proofread papers and assignments. The idea of doing it in sections is a great idea that I never thought of. Another idea I like to do is have one or two outside people read my assignments. The reason I like that is because sometimes when you are writing a long paper and get close to the end you start losing the formality of the paper. It’s always good to have someone proofread. Great post!

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