E-Books and Technical Writers Collide

Nowadays it is possible to buy books from the comfort of your own home, and have them all on one device. E-readers and e-books are gaining quite the popularity, and there are many readers on the market including the Kindle Fire and NOOK.

An article I found on Techwhirl is a short help guide to aid technical writers on creating EPUB books for E-readers.

The article goes on to say that HTML the writer should know HTML because Kindle nor EPUB can fully support the full range of HTML and CSS. The article then goes on to explain how to create an EPUB using FrameMaker or Microsoft Word, and there’s a small section on dedicated EPUB tools.

This article would be useful to any technical writer that is familiar with what EPUB is and has working knowledge of the programs mentioned, as well as the technical lingo that goes with it.

The full article can be found here: Building E-Books: A Tool Overview for Technical Writers


3 thoughts on “E-Books and Technical Writers Collide

  1. Great example of a topic that fits into Media Arts & Technology and Technical Communication! I think it was a smart move for Techwhirl to choose E-books and Technical Writers instead of print books, since it’s a rapidly growing sector in the publishing industry. Especially since a lot of people who cannot publish print books can now have the easier option of an E-book, but they still need to make sure that their work is accurate, presented in an understandable fashion, and can get their message to their intended audience by using tips from this website, and our book Woe Is I.

    • Thanks! I thought it was perfect because companies are looking to go digital, and EPUB is one way to do that. This article was personally relevant because I know the magazine publishing class I want to take deals a little with this. EPUB is one way to bridge the gap between conventional print and digital.

  2. This is really cool!. I own many devices and more e-books then I can count but I never really knew how physical books were translated over to e-books and what the limitations were. I know if you want to become any sort of writer, it is easier to be one for the e-book community due to the lack of actually having to print them out and using those resources.

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