Nobody Likes a Messy Web Page

The above post on the “I’d Rather Be Writing” blog by Tom explains how to organize a web page that has a whole lot of content to be shown. This article is great because it gives a lot of helpful advice on organization of content and certain web coding tricks in general that could help you out if you’re struggling with development. The first advice given by the article is to be sure not to mix together a short list of steps to accomplish a task with lengthy descriptive information about different aspects of it.

  The blog post gives a great example of this showing how the addition of a lengthy block of information into your step-by-step directions can irritate the reader and prevent them from what they really want to do; breeze through the instructions and accomplish the task as quickly as they can. The solution to this would be emphasizing the short list of directions by showing the steps in black, and descriptive paragraphs in gray. Another technique suggested by Tom would be using hierarchy to break up the content. His example suggests using larger bold titles followed by smaller paragraph text to differentiate between general information about the task and the list of steps.

This is much easier to observe in the original article and I would suggest at least glancing over it. Overall I found Tom’s article to be very informative and give good advice about how to organize your content without it looking messy or cramped on a web page. I think he was able to teach the viewer a valuable organization skill without rambling for so long that they would lose interest.