Social Media for Printers

Social media is now a main marketing tool for a lot of businesses. In an article I came across on, it discussed how printing companies can use social media to connect to current customers and prospective print buyers.

In the printing industry, it is critical to communicate to clients, prospects, associates, and employees in a way that is convenient, modern, and engaging. Social networking is a tool that could help with all the above. One point they kept making in this article is that going into social media, you have to have a plan. If you enter social media without a plan, you will fail. The plan will start with getting to know your customers and understanding them. You also need to know where your customers exist in the social media network. Are they on Twitter? Are they on Facebook? The answers to these questions are necessary when choosing the platform you want your company to use.

The article also points out that social media isn’t about the company, it is about helping your customers and connecting with prospective ones. This way, when they have a need for digital and printed materials, they will remember that they have a friend on Twitter/Facebook who specializes in that. One main point that has always been emphasized is that your presence cannot be a one-time occurrence, or a new blog post once every six months.

For social media to work for everyone, businesses need to be able to see the impact that their social media presence is having, whether it is positive or negative.

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One thought on “Social Media for Printers

  1. I like this, it helps to reenforce my ideas that a good professional social media standing is necessary in this time. Even though LinkedIn is a great service for employees and employers, it does not have that more personal level that Facebook or Twitter would possess. Especially with employers it helps to connect with today’s consumers and almost helps employees to remain connected and informed about it’s business.

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