How Social Media Changes Technical Communication

This article I read, spoke about how social media is affecting how we write and communicate and It is affecting everyone’s job. The author states that technical communicators are competing now with everyone on the web and their is no line between author and audience.  Technical communicators need to learn to become aware and use things such as wiki’s and blogs to move with technology. He ask’s if taking part of this devalue the contribution of professional writers and communicators.


6 thoughts on “How Social Media Changes Technical Communication

  1. I would say it makes sense that social media changes technical communication, in ways both good and bad. In my opinion social media is good because it creates a whole network of communication which makes it easier to communicate fast and efficient to people all around the world. It may be bad in the sense of no line between author and audience. I guess we will just have to wait and see how social media will change and cause changes.

    • I believe you are right social media can be good but it has also changed writing like how texting had changed writing. It made people lazy and online new words have formed and some have changed.

  2. Social medias has its advantages and disadvantages, which is something that is applicable to everything in life. The media has multiple methods of sending information to a large and diverse audience. That is one of the great benefits of social media because there are only a few social medias that is looked by all kind of ages.One big disadvantage, in my opinion, is that social media has taken away reading the newspaper and watching the news from the younger generations. Although newspapers and news TV show are something incorrect in the information that they give, it still was an important source of information.

    • Yeah i agree the younger generations are missing out on newspapers and tv news but they can get the same stories online. I think the younger generations are just impatient and want to know things now rather than later so they online.

  3. As discussed in the article, social media definitely makes it easier than ever for anyone to author content and send it out to be viewed by a large audience. Yes this is a problem for technical communicators, but I think this is a problem in other fields as well and is an expected result of changing technology. This is a natural progression in which a specialized task provided by a service becomes able to be completed by the general public. An example relating to our major specifically would be changes in the printing industry from when people used to need to go to a public printer to have their printing done, and now most people have personal printers right in their house. Back to the article, social media is creating problems for technical communicators, but what about other fields? Instagram certainly isn’t helping professional photographers. I think technical communicators will be able to adjust to their changing role from the influence of social media.

    • Well Instagram may hurt some photographers but the use of a camera has be open to everyone and most people still go to photographers for events and wedding also for medical and advertising. I think they are hurting but we also need to move with the times we can’t keep our jobs stuck in the past. We must always to be willing to learn the new technology no matter how much we hate it .

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