Website relationship with Technical Communication

In New Media Arts & Technology, there are many different aspects that will require an individual to communicate their idea to a much larger audience. One large aspect that involves communication is creating a website that is instructional website, or any kind of website, to its targeted audience.  While looking through blogs and websites that are related to New Media Arts & Technology, I came across a particular blog that explained very well how to make a successful website. Since there are different kind of websites, an individual has to construct a website based on what exactly they want to do and what message they want to give to the audience.

In the blog, it was clearly established that in order to make an instructional website, or any kind of website, an individual has to think about the users and were you able to get your message across.  The usability and accessibility of the website is how the creator of the website can get his message across to the targeted audience. Brenda Huettner stated that “the minute you try to use something, you are experiencing usability”, which enforces the idea that usability and accessibility is how the website creator can communicate  his message to the users.

This is just one of the points that were pointed out in the blog. For information on the relationship between websites and technical communication click on the link below.

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3 thoughts on “Website relationship with Technical Communication

  1. I think this makes a lot of sense if you are viewing a website on your iPad or mobile device you want the site to be user friendly with your device. Some people will just leave it a site gives them a hard time. Since the main point is the message those who leave won’t receive that message.

    • Exactly what I was thinking when I read the article. There have been several moments where I was on a website that was not user friendly and I would just leave the site out of frustration.It is the responsibility of the web developer to make the site user friendly and to get their message across to its targeted audience.

  2. I also came across a bunch of technical communication blogs about usability, particularly on the web. I think its definitely important to consider the usability of a site while you are in the preliminary stages of designing it, because the design should be a combination of very intentional decisions about how the user will click and navigate around certain content. A great resource on this topic that i’ve found is Steve Krug’s book “Don’t make me Think” that you can find here:

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