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Google glass is one of the latest inventions by Google. Google Glass is a hand free device that are worn like regular glasses. The Google Glasses are wearable computers and they display data like a smart phones. The article is about what will Google Glass do to our brains. Studies have been done on other technologies such as cell phones and how they affect Human interactions. Scientists say the new Google Glass will change human face to face interactions and communication.

The article speaks of how Google Glass may have the affect to cause people to become more inwardly focused and less prone to take part in real life conversations. The article shows how several health implications could come along with wearing Google Glass. Physical, Psychological, and mental health could be affected with the alienation of human interaction. The article also talks about how our attention span will be affected. If we are focusing on a small screen we will be less aware and attentive of our surroundings. For instance, I know sometimes when I am on my phone I am not aware of my surroundings. The article states “If we’re talking or texting, then the rest of the world shrinks away”. Google glass may cause a change to our communication and interactions with other people. The article questions how advances in technology like Google Glass will affect our health and interactions in real life.


5 thoughts on “Google Glass

  1. I did not hear about this product until I did a new product analysis for my Marketing class. I watched the video that was a day in the life of Google Glass where it shows all the functions that the glasses can do. Although I think they are amazing, and absolutely takes the next advancement in technology, I have to wonder whether this product is needed quite yet. They are doing the individual selling to I believe less than 2,000 people but they still have to pay the full price, in order to fix the kinks out before they release fully to the public. I’m just unsure where this product will take us, I guess I’ll have to come to the realization that we’re making products that we saw in old movies that would be “in the future”, and the future is now.

  2. To be honest the first time I heard about Google Glass was when my boyfriend was watching this spoof video, (I recommend you all watch, it’s funny) . So, obviously, I thought it was a big joke until weeks later I found out that it was an actual product. I agree with your post, this product is ridiculous, especially for its price point. As much as I love my smart phone, I do believe we are becoming way too dependent on technology and this is where I draw the line. The only point in which I saw this product to be cool is for the camera and video camera. I’ve always wanted a camera in which I could just blink and take a picture of what I am viewing and I guess this is the closest thing. It is also nice as you don’t have to carry around a bulky camera and can have your hands free. In all, I really hope this product doesn’t take off. If I start seeing everyone wearing these, I will know that science and technology has most definitely taken over human thought and action.

  3. I have heard about this product being constructed for the past year or so, but I personally believe this product will be the first step into a more futuristic age. As most individuals will agree, since entering 2000 the world has been trying to improve their technology in order to improve out living situations and to make our lives easier. The Google glasses will be the stepping stone of using advance technology with the least amount of movement. We will be able to control the glasses by just moving our eyes, which is what everyone has been waiting for. Although this is just the beginning, it’s the first steps of living in a futuristic world.

  4. Google Glass opens the doors to many possibilities, both good and bad. Many places have preemptively banned Google Glass from their places of business over privacy concerns. We already have enough issues of people becoming distracted by their phones, and I can only imagine how much more distraction will be caused by notifications and information constantly popping up on a screen right infront of you.

  5. I think I speak for the majority of people when I say that Google Glass seems to be a bad idea. Not only is it creepy to think about technology becoming such an extension of our own bodies, it seems unhealthy. Its cool to think about having such advanced technology within reach for our generation, but this is one of those situations where I think we need to draw the line on how much we let technology influence our lifestyles.

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