A Technical Communicator by Any Other Name…


The term “technical communicator” most often refers to an individual with generally the same list of skills and knowledge, but why then are there so many career titles for a technical communicator to choose from?

Here is the list of some common career titles in technical communication:

At first this may seem like a lot of options for a person to choose from once they’ve decided to go in to technical communication, but upon closer examination of these careers, many of these are basically synonyms! Of course there is a big difference between a Business Analyst and a Medical Writer, but what about between the “Technical Writer” and the “Technical Communicator” on the list? Aren’t they all basically doing the same type of task no matter what the subject is? It seems to me that based on this list Technical Communicators are more being defined based on the content or subject they are handling the writing/communication of, which is important to keep in mind for someone applying for a job that has a title other than “Technical Communicator”. I think this is a good thing Technical Communicators are becoming more defined by the subject matter they deal with because it allows them to get a job more suited to personal strengths and interests. You can check out the original article by clicking the link above. 


One thought on “A Technical Communicator by Any Other Name…

  1. It’s crazy to see what a technical communicator can do and what field one can work in. Many jobs are “technical communicator” positions, but are called something else. I learned here, and in my post about “What Technical Communicator Produce,” that you could go to school and get your degree in information technology, english or even science and have the skill set to be a technical communicator in your field.

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