What Technical Communicators Produce

Technical communicators produce four general categories of documents:

  1. Documents that explain products, services, and policies: Such as technical support websites, user’s guides, service guides, references and policies and procedures.
  2. Documents that share “basic” scientific and technical information: Such as  technical reports, scientific articles, conference presentations, and book-length projects.
  3. Documents that train users to develop skills: Such as online tutorials, job aids (quick references), and materials for use in face-to-face classrooms and virtual classrooms.
  4. Documents that market products and services: Such as proposals, marketing websites, white papers, catalogs, brochures, and newsletters.

Technical communicators produce these documents using a variety of media, including online, print, video, and audio, for use on devices such as computers and mobile devices.

  • To increase efficiency and reduce the possibility of errors, technical communicators produce materials once and use them in a variety of media (single-sourcing) or for several purposes (reusable content)
  • These documents are produced to serve all different types of users, from scientists to engineers and from executives to the general public.