Information Mapping

Information Mapping is a trademark methodology by Robert Horn. Their are three major steps in this process he has said. 

  • Analysis
  • Organization
  • Presentation

The article states we need to analyze the text and the audience’s need to make effective decisions in our presentations.There are 6 categories of different types of information:


  1. Procedure (steps)
  2. Process description (explanations)
  3. Structure (descriptions)
  4. Concept (definitions and examples)
  5. Principle (rules)
  6. Fact (physical characteristics)

Then their are four basic principles to guide formatting decisions:


  1. Chunking: Is all the information broken down into non-divisible chunks?
  2. Labeling: Are all chunks of information assigned an appropriate label?
  3. Relevance: Is everything within a chunk of information essential to the audience’s needs?
  4. Hierarchy: Are hierarchical labels consistently applied to tell readers where they have been and where they are going?


3 thoughts on “Information Mapping

  1. I liked this blog post because information mapping is something new to me, so this was a very informative post. To me, information mapping is something that occurs without us making a conscience effort to do it, because when designing you are conscious of your audience and what you are trying to portray anyway.

  2. I already knew the things discussed in this blog post, but never related it to Information Mapping before now. To me Information Mapping seems just like content layout, and content outline, the steps the publisher/author takes to make their content easy and understandable to view and read from. I was surprise to see that this term is trademarked, it’s hard to imagine that this topic can be strictly related to one person when it’s a large topic and hardly something that one person can take credit for.

  3. I find it kind of amusing that Robert Horn trademarked the term information mapping. It was a blog that you knew already, but you didn’t know why you knew it. I already practiced the steps said but I like that descriptions were given.

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