Instructional Design

There are different kinds of designs that are implemented when creating anything.  When writing or creating anything for an instructional design, an individual must not only worry about the visual appearance of the site, but the mental theory behind it. The purpose of an instructional design is to use a systematic design to improve human performance. This kind of design is goal-oriental, which will lead people into preforming better.

Designer and development have to keep in mind that there are many different tactics, theories, and methods that could be used to get your message across. In this website, they discuss different mental simulating theories, such as: behavioral, bloom, cognitive, and constructionism theories, and how they help the instructional design. Each of these theories mentally simulates the user to improve themselves.

Although there are only a few designs that use theories to enter the user’s mind, web developers should always keep the possibility of using such theories. Using these theories will only help the developer on making sure that their message gets across.


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