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While browsing through articles on STC TCBOK I came across this one (here). I thought it would be interesting to post about this as we have a power point due for our final essay.

Since our younger years we have been assigned to due so many PowerPoints, it’s impossible to keep track. With this, I feel we lose track of the point of a PowerPoint and how one should be organized and delivered. First, it is important to not overwhelm your readers. Although words are the key point of a slide, it is important to not flood the slides with words. You should only be using the text and images on your slides to prompt and open up your speaking rather than vice versa. Nowadays it seems people just read straight from their slides and don’t even give any thought to what they are reading. With this the audience gets lost as well.

What I found very interesting about this article was that Seth Godin states you should never have any more than 6 words per slide. This seems very little to me, I understand it is necessary to not have many words, but this is way too little.

You can read more about it here!


4 thoughts on “PowerPoint Presentations

  1. There are several different things you need to be aware of when using a PowerPoint. It is important when using a PowerPoint to give a presentation to not just read off the slides and bore your audience. Many of the things they tell you to do with PowerPoint is common sense such as not using crazy colors that are hard to see and not writing out long paragraphs on every slide. I agree with you that 6 words per slide does seem very little.

  2. I have done many things that we shouldn’t do in a power point. I know when i put less information on the slide I forget so easily what my point was on that slide. But some things we already know not to do. I am not sure 6 words per slide is the right way to go sometimes you do need more I feel its more and opinion then fact.

  3. As with everyone, I agree that 6 words per slide is very little. I have also done many things that this says we shouldn’t do. I do agree that the presenter should be the one that the audience is paying attention to, and not the slides. Yes– the slides can contain important images and words, but the presenter should know his/her content enough to not need to read it word for word on a slide. You can avoid that using presenters mode and having notes and such in there. Powerpoints should be kept simple, but let the audience know the key points of what is being talked about. I agree with everything in this post besides the 6 word limit.

  4. I like the rules are that said ( even though the 6 words per slide thing is a little ridiculous) but I know that it will be a challenge to adhere to them. I agree that a presenter shouldn’t just be rambling what is on the slide but instead have key points and comment on them. This will help with upcoming presentations I will have to give, Thank you for putting up the proper form of slideshows (but I most likely will ignore the 6 word rule).

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