Persona Design & Development

Personas are a very important aspect of technical communication. I decided to write my final paper for, Professional Technical Communications, because I want to discuss the importance of personas, and how utilizing them in the correct fashion may drastically increase your relationship with your audience.

While surfing the internet for some sources on data analytics and personas I came across a blog post by, Mark Hughes, which discusses the basic steps of persona development.

Steps to Persona development according to Mark Hughes

  • name
  • job title
  • lists of demographic and biographical details
  • a quotation illustrating the context of a persona’s problem
  • personal attributes of a persona
  • typical tasks a persona performed in his or her work
  • information goals or needs
  • a scenario illustrating how a persona might use the body of knowledge to meet a specific information goal or need

Personas have the ability to assist the user in completing tasks that require a set list of instructions. They are almost like a personal aid. Personas offer the user the ability to view the message being communicated, visually from their perspective. Successful personas attempt to fit what the typical audience experiences. This increases the relationship with the audience, because it feels as if you really know your audience. According to Mr. Hughes, personas can be used to access information. You want your user to be able to understand how to access the message and information being presented with ease.

Understanding your audience is a key part of persona design and development. This can be achieved with the usage of data, acquired from data analytic tools. Google analytics is one of the more popular, and arguably the most user friendly tools used presently. It presents on a particular sites web traffic, which can help in narrowing down who your particular audience is, and commonalities between the users. This helps strengthen the persona being developed, because this data offers an immense amount of insight on the audience.

You can access Mark Hughe’s blog here:

I hope I was able spark your interest in personas.