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We have all encountered a terrible website now and then. The STC Body of Knowledge article on web design sets forth some simple rules to help avoid a terrible design. Many of these guidelines seem simple enough, but often we will encounter web sites that don’t follow these parameters.

A good starting point suggested by the article is to first determine your audience. Once you have determined your audience it is time to figure out your purpose. A website designed for five-year-olds to play games from the back of their favorite cereal box is going to be very different than an IRS website that you can submit your tax returns on.

After determining your audience and purpose you should determine what pages will contain what information on your website. When laying out content keep things simple and straightforward. There is nothing worse than a website with great information, but a background or typeface that makes the content impossible to view.


2 thoughts on “Web Design

  1. I am so glad that this was brought up as a post, but am a little disappointed there were no pictures. People really need to realize that the appearance of their website gives the viewer a feel for the company in all. When looking at restaurants for our club banquet I wrote of many instantaneously just based on the fact their website was horrible.

  2. I am thankful for this post. I sent it my father and he finally changed his horrible website. (http://greentherm.us/) It still isn’t to a standard of completeness but completely better then what it was.

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