Changes in Communication

The ways in which modern society communicates is constantly changing. People are becoming more and more engaged with their communication devices. Smart phones are no longer just a phone, but a miniature computer that keeps people connected at all times. Social media and social communication has never been so fast and easy. People can chat with friends and family all across the globe within a matter of seconds. This instant communication has impacted the ways in which people socialize. Technical communication has had to grow with the rapidly changing technology. Messages have to be quick and easy to understand, or else the user will lose interest.

In the near future Google and Apple will be releasing products that will revolutionize the way society communicates even more. Google will be introducing it’s Google Glass glasses, which allow the user to communicate and connect to people without even touching their device. Google Glass is a set of glasses that connect the user to their device. Apple will soon be releasing their Apple iWatch, which  connects users to the internet and social media at all times.

There is this constant drive for a deeper and closer relationship between humans and computers. People want to constantly be connected to other people at all times. Sometimes people feel that this constant communication is not a good thing and is rather unhealthy. People feel more comfortable communicating via, smartphone nowadays, and face-to-face communication is the least favorable in some cases.

I am from Long Island, New York and have commuted into New York City countless times. Over the last few years the ride on the train into the city has become much more quiet. People no longer try to have conversations with strangers. Everyone riding the train seems to be more interested in their Iphones, Ipads, and other devices. I do feel that the ways in which we communicate is definitely changing. Even the signage on the trains has become much more simplistic. The messages are bigger and more direct. Technical communicators have to now really think about creating documents that provide the user or audience with the most information with the least amount of words. Technical communicators have to find ways to be more direct, without leaving out important information.

How do you feel technical communication has changed? How do you feel communication overall has changed?

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