Work Documents or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Organization

Before taking a technical communications class, I never though much about how documents I created were designed, especially at work. At work, when I wrote stuff, it was usually just for me and maybe a co-worker. I would just list steps for preforming tasks, and it wouldn’t really look neat.

Making a document look pretty/presentable isn’t really that hard. Breaking up instructions into sections and cleaning up the language makes it easier for the next guy to understand it, versus me having to explain everything.

So, moving forward, I’m going to make my documents look cleaner and more well organized. It’s not too hard, and it even makes it easier for me when I am re-reading them weeks or months later.

This class has also shown me that editing/proofreading is only a small part of reviewing a document. There is more to it. You need to make sure the design is laid out so that the “target audience” can easily follow it. In my case, the audience has always been myself or my co-workers (who are also programmers), but I have had to send things to my boss that have used language he might not understand (as he is not a programmer).

-Eric aka ens3261


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