How to make decisions

Sometimes when you have a problem that is overwhelming, you might find it hard to concentrate on it and properly try to find a solution. Whether your problem-solving and decision-making skills are good or not, you may find useful the following infographic.

How to Make Decisions


Content isn’t really the only important thing

Even though it is the content in a document which transmits the message, having a good design and a well structured document helps a lot to transmit the message.

The design of the document won’t be the same for the different reader profiles and if there is too much text without some kind of visual aid on the page or images, the reader can get bored or distracted and fail to completely understand the message.

Comparison between a bad and a good design

Comparison between a bad and a good design

Before taking this class I knew that information must first get to the audience by being appeal where it is placed and how it is placed. For example, a webpage that has a bad visual design won’t be as effective a good-looking webpage even if both have the same content.

I believe that documents should follow the same rule, it has to be attractive at first sight in order to incite the reader to read it entirely. I think this goes from the text-font to the layout of the text and even the color and size of the text influences the document.

I just navigated the New York Times website and opened the starred article.

Image Gallery - The New York Times

The article starts with a text column on the left and an image gallery on the right.

Monica Pagan, left, 26, and Kathryn Duque, center, 25, both from Queens, had Champagne on the Arthur Ross Terrace. Credit Ashley Gilbertson for The New York Times

After another paragraph, the article presents an embedded tweeted image and the pattern repeats itself, presenting another image after a couple of paragraphs.

What does $375 get you at AMNH sleepover? Dessert, among other things

This article without all of those images and tweets wouldn’t be that appealing to the sight as it is now. Furthermore, the webpage has a simple style which doesn’t overload the page with colors, or advertisements, which lets you focus on what is important.