TechComm and MET

I’m only a second year student and I can already see how technical communication has been and will be used in my classes. Technical Communication by definition a process of making and sharing information and ideas in the workplace, and as a set of applications-documents you write. That very simply applies to Mechanical Engineering Technology, in many of my classes we have had group work and have had to make documents, graphs, sketches conveying our ideas and thoughts. I have had documents shared with me in person on engineering paper, via Google Docs and through email. The rest of my Mechanical Engineering Technology career and any engineering related job will require me to create and share information and ideas in a professional environment which fits the definition of technical communication identically. I have also fulfilled all three roles as a communicator in my first year of classes as well. I’ve played the role of a writer of a document, a member of a project team, and an information resource for people. I did not realize that what I was doing was technical communication last year and I’m excited to see how this course can improve those skills for future use.


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