Tech Comm. Leading Technical Communication

In the article “When Your People Go their Own Way”  by Alexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin the concept of being a good leader when people are going their own way is covered. When working in groups everything does not always go right as planned. If it were this easy everyone would love working in groups and no leaders would be needed. But this isn’t how a team works and leaders are needed. How though is a leader supposed to lead when everyone goes their own direction? This is a great question covered in the article. The main reason individuals go their own way is because they are human and humans tend to stray their own way instead of your way. Instead of allowing teams to fall apart a few concepts should be looked at to determine the problem. First, maybe you didn’t communicate the goals or objectives of the project and therefore the individuals are unclear of the direction in which they are supposed to progress. Next, maybe you need to give them space and allow them to things their own way. Many great ideas are made this way because everyone be creative in their own sense instead of one key idea from the group. Finally, maybe it’s time to let them go. Not all individuals are meant to work in groups, some are meant to find their own ideas and create their own solutions to problems instead of working in a team. These issues are generally what make or break a team and should be key concepts when building a team or choosing a leader because even though a team may not work it is not essentially the leaders fault it could be the nature of the team and team members.

By Troy Giberson