“How to Be Ignored In Social Media – Go Headless”

As I read this article and  also the one that Inspired it I began to realize how much a profile picture can affect a persons social status (in both positive and negative ways). The article suggests that those who don’t have a pictures are more likely to be ignored and may even get denied when it comes to follow/friend requests. This makes sense because when you actually think about it, you wouldn’t want to talk to someone you met on the street that had no face, or was wearing some sort of a disguise. So why would you do so on social media? If you show people that you don’t care enough to put up a picture then why should they care about what you want to share with them? But lets say that you do have a profile picture, well in that case you might want to make it one that shows you in a good light, and I don’t mean that you’re all dressed up or the picture was taken by a professional photographer. I just mean that maybe having your profile picture being you doing a kegstand at some wild party or flicking off the camera maybe isn’t such a good idea. Because people are quick to judge and what better way to do so than by the picture that you choose to represent yourself. And it might be funny to you and your friends but what impression might that give your family, or your boss perhaps? You want to have them to have a positive association with you. It’s strange to think that something as simple as a profile picture can have such an effect on these things but that is the world we live in today.