TechComm Blog Discussion

The blog post I am writing about is from CyberText Newsletter by Rhonda Bracey and was posted on the 1st of September.

The point of the post was to describe an experience about a conference that was attended where professional presentation were given. The writer describes different setup and delivery problems that presenters have that effects the presentation. Reading this blog post was helpful because it reminded me of the different things that should not be done when presenting; some of the things were listed in the post and others were not. With having to give presentation a lot in high school, for a majority of my classes, I have been exposed to or committed most of these. I personally had issues with verbal fillers when I first started presenting, I would constantly use “uh” or “um” and wouldn’t realize how much it can impact the presentation. The writer talks about the audience picking up on things like this and sometimes will count how many times it occurs; I know I have counted verbal fillers in a presentation before. Another issue that I have seen first hand is trying to view presentations where there isn’t good contrast between the background and text colors. This makes the audience struggle with reading anything that is on the screen and can decrease interest. There are many other things that go into putting together a good presentation both before and after but this article cover a few of the basics. I would suggest this article to someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience with presenting or would just like to read over some of the simple issues that can be avoided.

Erhard Marcus Uhmann