TechComm reading surprises

I am a second year MET Student, and one of the blogs i chose to follow was I chose to follow this blog because he has been ranked within the top 25 techcomm bloggers of the year, as well as how his blog appealed to my interests. His blog stood out to me because his blog talks about new technologies and changes that are occurring within our world today. This drew my attention because i feel that by reading these blogs it allows me to gain more knowledge and information about the engineering world that i am working toward to take part in someday. When reading one of his blogs named “The New Moto x gives us a glimpse into the future of Mobile and Predictive Computing”, i found it interesting and true about why he was reading upon this information. This post talks about how most people when receiving an email, ignore all its contents if the user is not completely familiar with what the email is about. Then will most likely send it to spam without even reading anything besides the title or by skimming the email. The author then talks about how one day he received an email that he would normally send to spam but when opened saw a image about a smartphone that definitely got his attention. Which inspired him to look farther into the email reading captions that the picture was displaying and more. Then while reading he came across words and phrases that drew his attention such as “no touching necessary”. So overall his post explains how if you want a piece of technical writing to be appealing to an audience you need details and graphics that are going to grab the readers and want them to keep reading and researching about the topic that they are reading about.  Allowing more people to learn and want to read about what you as the author are trying to inform the world or a certain audience about.

Kaity Wolford