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One of the more recent blog posts from the effective graphs blogs is one about a bad healthcare graph.  I found this post interesting because we went over just these types of situations in class as well and healthcare is currently a very important issue today.  The graph being talked about in this post is a graph displaying the results of survey questions that were asked to patients that had just undergone surgery.  All of the question’s results are shown on side by side graphs, which would not normally be a problem.  But this graph uses a number of different scales on each graph, then when these graphs are put side to side the results look like they are the same when in fact the max values go from 70 to 100%.  For this to really be a effective graph the scales must remain constant between all the graphs in the figure.

Noel Wellman.



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  1. Hi, Noel, what would help your reader is perhaps a link to the graph in question. You’ve definitely piqued my curiosity with your post. I’d also like to be able to see the graph you reference.

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