Plurals don’t take apostrophes — it’s not that hard

The blog that I will be summarizing is one post from CyberText newsletter by Rhonda Bracey. She is a very active techcomm blogger and knows her stuff.

This particular blog was about her experience shopping at Target and seeing a sign showing where the CDs and DVDs where shown where they were with a large sign, but written as “CD’s” and “DVD’s”. This is grammatically incorrect because the two main rules for this dictate that when a word is plural, you add an -s or -ies. The second rule states that an apostrophe should only be used when in possessive. So in this instance, the sign was wrong. Plus on the side of it was the correct use of -s with a sign labeling “books”. The inconsistencies bothered Rhonda quite a bit to make a post about it. I just thought it was funny how she stated, and it being true, that target paid quite a bit of money for the sign where in actuality they paid for a sign that was grammatically wrong, plus then having it near a sign that was grammatically correct. I have to agree with her that inconsistencies are annoying.

Written By,

Chandler Daub