Construction Cameras for Increased Job Oversight

The blog that I will be summarizing is from Construction Informer Blog.  Compact, simple construction cameras increase option for job oversight by Duane Craig posted on September 22, 2014.

The revolutionary easy-to-use job site camera known as Brinno’s TLC200 f1.2 model.


These cameras capture still frame photos and convert them into a time lapse video for viewing.  With 140 degree wide-angle lens, you can practically capture the entire job site with one!  The camera also comes with an optional weather protecting case for the harsh work environment.

One of the major uses for these cameras is for architects and engineers to record inspections.  Or if your a general contractor these cameras will help you keep tract of tools, materials, and potential liabilities.

The only downside to these cameras is that they might be easily stolen when left unattended.  But with a small padlock you can avoid this problem.

These cameras are easy to attach anywhere and are a great addition to any job site.

Brandon Hardy

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