Readability of CAD Drawings

As technology advances, so does the quality of our records. Before the ages of electronic technology, there were vast amounts of paper technology, which involved the use of pencils, and other writing instruments. On of the main points in upgrading technology is making it simpler, and more powerful to use. While paper schematics are great, their readability decreases over time. This is where Sam Feller comes into play. Feller is a man that has questioned the very source of almost all construction standards: the CAD drawing.

“Despite it’s bulk and it’s susceptibility to fire and water damage, I have to note that paper and vellum prints have excellent forwards compatibility. And really how well do hard drives hold up to fire and water?”

With new programs comes more problems. With so many vendors offering CAD software, it’s beginning to become uniform in the way materials are designed. Instead of designing with a construction standard in mind, designers have to have a program in mind. Just one of the beautiful setbacks of progression. Through learning how to adapt for other programs, you learn how to become a better designer as a whole.

-Paul Persaud