Portable Water….From a Billboard?

I read and watched a blog by Matt Barcus, President of Precision Executive Search Inc. His blog about getting clean drinking water to poor economies is not only genius but inspirational.

UTEC ( University of Engineering and Technology) looked at the coastal desert Lima in Peru.  Which happens to be the second largest capital in the world set on a desert.  In this place many people suffer from the lack of portable water.  Many have to walk miles to get to a fresh water well.

The presence of rain in this region is 0.51 inches per year, which is next to nothing.  However, the atmospheric humidity is about 98 percent, so UTEC created a billboard that captures the humidity from the air to produce potable water at the bottom of the structure, while at the same time, advertising for UTEC.

One billboard can produce 9450 liters in just 3 months.  Which is enough water consumption for hundreds of families around the billboard.

This is exactly why I chose to become a civil engineer.  Because wherever I am in the world, I can make a dramatic difference.

Brandon Hardy