The Role of a Site Engineer

The article I read was actually more of a well organized list of information. It listed out all the jobs a Site Engineer has to do during the construction of a project. The reason I picked this article is because it shows what I want to do in the civil engineering field. I don’t want to be stuck behind a desk all day doing design work for hours on end. I want to be out in the field on site overseeing the project and making sure it’s up to specifications. Pretty much the job of a site engineer is to take the plan drawings of a building and facilitate the real life construction of that building. They also act as a liaison between the designers and the company officials involved in the building process. They play the role of a technical communicator and help construction companies interpolate the drawings and order the right materials for the construction of the building. Lastly, the site engineer keeps a log of the entire construction process to keep the project managed and on track with schedule. Also this provides a record of any mistakes that may have been made during the construction process. Overall, A site engineer is a manager that oversees the project as it progresses. They are there to make sure everything is executed to the highest standard of precision and accuracy according to the design engineer’s specifications. They are the last line of defense to make sure a building is built properly and safely.

Ian Crell