FSAE Frame Design

The article that I chose to discuss is SES Structure by Borja’s Build Blog. Neil Borja is a Mechanical Engineering student at MIT who is also involved with his schools Formula SAE team. The post discussed how Niel had to redesign the back portion of his teams FSAE car, which is the portion that houses the motor and transmission and all of their associated parts. The reason that this section needed to be redesigned was because in the previous year the design judges told his team that the frame design in the rear was structurally unsafe. He was tasked with designing an add on for the car that would be rigid enough yet still allow access to the motor and chain drive. Coming from a Baja SAE team, I could understand the challenges he was facing. As an engineering student I also understand having to rework a solution inside of a small time frame. Neils team ended up placing 7th out of 20 teams at their next race. This post showed me the value in documenting your processes and making that documentation available to anyone, because it may help them with what they are doing in some kind of way.


-Jacob Wingate