Is the Concrete Canoe Competition Hard Enough?

I chose to discuss this blog because I personally would not be affected but I have been a part of other ASCE club teams (steel bridge) in the past and have helped members participating in this competition; the Concrete Canoe is a great engineering project that helps to prepare future engineers for the field. What this blog discusses is important because it is a growing part of engineering; sustainability is a large part of future construction. I believe it would be a good idea that the criteria for the Concrete Canoe competition should expand to incorporate this aspect.

They discuss what they believe should be incorporated in determining the sustainability of the canoe. They even suggest going as far as tracking the carbon footprint; even including how far the school must travel with the canoe to bring it to competition. All of these factors that should be included are things that the practicing engineering would have to consider when developing a sustainable design.

These competitions are designed to prepare us students for what we will encounter when we get to the real world. I know from experience with the steel bridge team they have in past started asking more questions about what is done with previous steel bridges. In my mind this would be a great addition and would add an extra element to the competition bringing it to the next level.

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Title: What is the Carbon Footprint of a Concrete Canoe?

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By Erhard Marcus Uhmann