Cost per Horsepower Infographic


My infographic (created using MS Excel and Gimp because I couldn’t find a template I liked online) shows how much each pony would have cost you if purchasing a 2010 sports car at sticker price. You may not consider the Smart a sports car, but I included it as a cheap, less-powerful reference. I was planning on including high-end supercars such as the Ferrari 599 GTO and Bugatti Veyron, but they threw off the scale enough to shrink the graph to the point where it was not legible. A major drawback, as noted below the graph, is that only power is compared here, not weight, torque, drag coefficients, etc., so a Miata or Exige will still beat a Mustang GT around certain tracks, for example, even with fewer horses and at a higher cost per unit of power. However, this image is meant to simply give an idea of what will get you the “best bang for your buck.”

– Matt Williams –