What I learned from Tech Comm

What I learned in class this year that will help me in my future writing is how to use organization to further my writing. In tech comm one of the biggest areas we covered was how to organize our thoughts clearly and effectively in our writing and design. I had not put much thought into the organization of my works up until this class had showed me how some simple rearranging can cause your audience to follow your ideas in the clearest possible way and really get your point across. Aspects of organization  will help all college students writing in general, not just my own. I found reading through discussion posts from many of my classes  that a lot of students tend to just spew their ideas out on the page and turn it in with no thought and it shows in the flow of their writing.

I will try to use the methods of listing, sectioning, and spatial organization  to try and break up the long winded and cramped paragraphs that I use in most of my writing to try and increase the readability of my works and show my point clearly. Spatial organization is probably the most important for civil engineering because of how much we use scaled views of all the different projects we work on. Without good spatial organization we end up with a mess of a drawing and confusion when it comes to approval and building of those projects. Overall, I think organization is one of the most important topics we covered in this class and is something that is lacking in today’s student writing.

-Ian Crell