What TechComm Has Taught Me

At the beginning of this course, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what Technical Communication was. However, I was wrong in my thinking that “technical” restricted it to engineering and other technology-related fields. Since then I have realized that the techniques we have been learning can be applied to any document or even speech in which there is communication between two or more individuals. The topic that has stood out the most to me is identifying the reader or audience. I’ve chosen this topic simply because your decisions on just about everything else, from organizational structure to tone to even the form of communication utilized, stem from who your intended audience is. Like we saw with our gold and silver bad sales letter example, a document which does not properly suit its audience might as well never be created. After this course, I plan on taking more time before beginning communications to figure out exactly who my audience is and how to best suit their needs.

– Matt Williams –