Effective Tech Comm: More Than Just a Pretty Face

While this class may have been the most entertaining course I have taken all year, I have also learned from it. From organization to paper airplanes, this class has taught me a great deal about the communication industry and how it can pertain to the Civil Engineering Technology field.

Coming into this class, I didn’t necessarily have the best organizational skills when writing official documents nor did I know where to begin with organizing them. Because of our assignments, I feel that I have taken away a good understanding of how to properly and efficiently organize a document.

Another one of my favorite things to have taken away from this class is learning how to properly write a memorandum. I have always wanted to write a memo just to feel official, almost as much as I have always wanted to write passive-aggressive post it notes. And now I can! Really though, since my focus is most likely going to be in construction project management it will be a good thing to know. Communication is key, and the better I can effectively relay information to everybody working on a design/build the easier my life will be.

There’s a bunch of stuff I’ve learned from this course, and while at first I was skeptical about it I definitely don’t regret taking it.

Garrett Maynard