Writing Memos

The topic that has been most useful to me this semester, and will likely be the most useful to me for the rest of my life were the topics requiring us to write memos about different circumstances or proposals. Before this class I only had a vague idea about what memos even were, and never had to read much less write one. I’ve also never done any sort of real technical research before this class, so all of the assignments having us look up and present information in a clear and meaningful way has given me a foundation of how to do this well in the real world.

Outside of my civil classes, no class has been as useful as this class in preparing me for working in a professional environment. I learned how to work with contractors and my superiors while on my co-ops, but they never showed me how to communicate outside of talking. Without this class I feel I’d be struggling a bit when I get my first real job, so I’m glad I had to take it.

Connor Butcka