Blog Post 1

In “Happy 12th Birthday iPod! [The Beginning of the Mobile Revolution]”, RC Jacquez’s recalls the past to when the first iPod became available to the public. The iPod was the first device to put the spotlight on user experience, and kick-started the modern mobile revolution. Although the first iPhone was not introduced until 2007, Jacquez believes that without the original iPod, the iPhone may never have existed. When the first iPod became available, there had already been many other MP3 players on the market. The iPod was so successful because of the simple user interface, and ease of use due to a great use of technical communication. 12 years later and we have an era of incredible computing power that can fit in our pockets, able to do amazing things anytime and anywhere. The original iPod opened our eyes to many possibilities and has allowed Apple as well as other companies design and produce the top devices that we cannot live without today.

James Bedard