Review of “The Step Before Writing”

“The Step Before Writing” discusses a method for creating “great” content in a time when information overload has given the average reader much higher standards for contentAccording to author Bjørn Bergslien of UX Booth, “great” content constitutes documents and web pages that accomplish business goals and meet the needs of readers; basically, content that stands out and accomplishes tasks effectively. It is not as important for the writer to choose the most elegant words, but to make the content appropriate for the business, the users, and the context of the document. The overall message of the post is that content “greatness” is determined before a single word hits paper; greatness stems from the planning stages that must be done prior to writing anything.  Bergslien goes on to explain three complementary methods for planning a document to achieve maximum efficiency: the core model, the content framework, and pair writing.

The core model involves mapping out goals, user expectations, and the context of the document in a diagram surrounding the main content. The content framework is a form allows for input by those other than writers, such as subject matter experts. Finally, the pair writing method allows for two writers to create content simultaneously, switching between writing and asking necessary questions. More information can be found in the full article here:

The Steps Before Writing


Matthew Santullo