Technical Writing and Marketing

While sifting through blog posts, I came across this one that shows a correlation between the pre-purchase marketing ploys and post-purchase support documents.  For The Content Wrangler, Tom Johnson wrote about his experience as a technical writer, and his realization that the combination of marketing and technical writing is not only beneficial for a company, but is a simple transition for technical writers.  A common goal among communicators today is to create a seamless availability of information, for example, during the purchase of an item. They argue that the same information should be available to a customer while shopping as there is in an owner’s manual or spec sheet.  According to Johnson, current technical writers have the skills to create content marketing-stage information in this format, as the primary difference is the perspective in their writing.  He goes on to say that this can help build relationships within a customer base, which is invaluable to sales.  The approaches he outlines in this post should be read by any new start up, as they show two common but very different marketing techniques, both of which have unique benefits. Hs post can be read here: The Content Wrangler


Andrew Coco