Constructing an Infographic

Reading a post by Brenda Forrey was very helpful to me as someone who is learning about information based graphics for the first time. Her post was titled “On Constructing an Inforgraphic: A Newbie Reflects on the Experience”. The post was very reassuring to me in that I was able to see someone else who had the same difficulty starting out. Reading her post she described the process of going about making the infographic and also what program she used to make it– Piktochart. Since reading her post I have added this to my bookmarks for future use.

Her post is very easy to read and well laid out. She broke it into three segments which focus on three different areas of difficulty in the process along with the resolutions she came to. Her emphasis on statistic gathering was helpful to remind me that when I make an infographic it is important to find the statistics before trying to decide how to lay them out visually. She included a couple of sites which she used to get the information which was helpful as well.

My only complaint with her post is that the finished infographic is not able to be seen in full size. She has a small picture of it to the side of her post but I am not able to expand it to look through how she laid out the information and graphics in greater detail.