Jeopardizing your audience

In today’s society, people feel as if they need to sound smart to be smart. While a comprehensive vocabulary is rather impressive, it can complicate even the simplest of sentences. In “Don’t jeopardize your audience: a lesson in clarity“, Larry Kunz explains that utilizing convoluted language when trying to communicate information may prove to be ineffective. Looking at the example presented, the Jeopardy answer does appear to be rather confusing as it does not clarify a direction for the contestants. While Jeopardy missed the mark in this case, Kunz successfully communicated the main idea of his blog post, keep the message as straightforward as you can. As a technical communicator it is your job to clearly relay a message that can be interpreted by a targeted audience. Even though the contestants selected for Jeopardy are intelligent, overly complicated sentences can still confuse them.

Paige Glickman