Interaction Design: The Final Ingredient to a Perfect Website

James Richman’s article “Interaction Design: The Final Ingredient to a Perfect Website” discusses the key components to making the perfect website. Before learning how to make a perfect website, it is necessary to know why a perfect website is needed. The internet is a huge source of money, and every minute about $2.5 million worth of transactions are done online. Websites are constantly being searched, and without a good first impression a site will lose viewers.

Preparing a perfect website has four stages: user experience (UX) design, user interface (UI) design, Visual Design, and Interaction Design. By following this order, a blueprint (UX) for the website is created. After that foundations (UI) can be added. Once those are complete it is time to add color (Visual Design). The last and most important part is making sure all parts of the house do what they are supposed to (Interaction Design). Richman makes the comparison of a house with a staircase leading to nowhere. Regardless of how nice the house looks, a staircase leading to nowhere will grab the most attention.

In order to make the perfect website, get help as needed. There are sources all over the internet to teach basic skills, or a professional can be hired. Find someone with a design portfolio that will accomplish the job, and make sure there is frequent communication.

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-Daniel Ellman