Product Design Process

The major process in electrical engineering, and most other engineering fields, is the product design process.  The first step of the process is defining the problem, or the type of product to be designed.  Next, brainstorm solutions or make a plan to solve the issue.  Then, finalize plans and design a model.  After that, build the model or carry out the plan.  The final step in the process is to continue redesigning and testing until the product is what it needs to be.  The process is often displayed in a circular flow chart due to its nature of “keep doing it until it’s right.”

The circular design of the process is great, because no product is ever perfect the first time that it is produced.  Even after several re-designs of the product, there will always be something to fix or improve.  The cycle accounts for this never-ending cycle of improvement.

This process is one that has been used and refined for hundreds of years, so there really isn’t too much that needs altered.  If anything would need changed, I would add a step just for research.  I think that this step is included with brainstorming solutions and making a plan.  However, research is such an important step in designing a new product that it needs to be set apart.  Enough research can help make each iteration of a product so much better, ultimately reducing the amount of time spent on design, saving a company both time and money.

Click Here for a flowchart of the design process.


Erica Neese