The Painting Process

        One process in the automotive industry that I think could be improved is the painting process of a vehicle.  Currently, body panels are hung in a booth between robotic arms equipped with paint sprayers. Working together, they spray all around the object to get an even coating, and the part moves on. I believe this process could be further improved with newer technology. Similar to electroplating metals, applying an electrical charge to the panels and the paint should create a “magnetization” effect, and cover every surface of the metal evenly, with the same quality of coverage as a sprayer. I’m not sure of the feasibility or practicality of this process in mass quantities, but if implemented, it would save time, money, and a small amount of wasted paint. I’m sure engineers will soon develop better paint and painting processes, but until then, I feel that this is the most simple solution for painting vehicles.

Andrew Coco