Project Management Process

As a Management Information Systems major, my degree can take me down a variety of paths. One of the popular career choices is project management; the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, monitoring/controlling and closing a project. Since projects are temporary and unique endeavors, it is important for the processes to flow together nicely. There are many approaches to project management but fundamentally, they all incorporate the same steps. In today’s society, the Agile methodology is one of the more popular choices especially in software development. This process includes a series of repetitive development, implementation and test steps in order to ensure functionality and satisfaction. One of the more-liked features of this methodology is that the process is rather transparent and allows for necessary adjustments.

While this process may seem foolproof, there is always room for error. One major issue that I foresee if my career path should lead me to project management is the disconnect between members of differing industries. The jargon utilized during projects such as software development could cause confusion when a member of the commissioning firm reviews the documentation. I believe that the best way to improve the agile methodology is to improve education and organization. By providing all parties involved with the a general education regarding the processes that will take place, it will make communicating wants and needs that much easier. Organization is also a key feature of project management that could use some improvements. There is no generally accepted rule for organization therefore it is often times difficult to transition from project to project.

-Paige Glickman